Saturday, April 05, 2008

Farmers Market Mania

Each time I go to the farmers market it is a unique experience. Some days I revel in the beauty of the nature's bounty and other times I feel like strapping on a Kevlar helmet and getting ready for some crowd control. I take my camera along and it helps me detach myself from the madness than goes on at the market. I observe and record.

It's almost opening time at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and merchants scramble to get set up before the onslaught. Chefs look exhausted from the previous night's service as they assemble and prep for breakfast and lunch. The light is magnificent.


signs of spring


Porchetta on the spit


rainbow of taters


sweet carrots

You never know who you''ll run into at the market. Over in Marin, Chef Curtis Aikens is doing a video shoot promoting his book Curtis Aikens' Guide to the Harvest. Aikens has been on the Food Network and tons of TV shows. He is a local and writes a column for the Novato Advance. Who better than he to advise us on how to use all this produce?


Farmers market or photo opportunity? Both work for me.


Zoomie said...

If you want a calmer Farmer's Market experience, try the one in Berkeley on Saturday mornings. People in Berkeley seem more laid back than either Marin or the city.

Rev. Biggles said...

MMmMMmMmm, rainbow taters.

I'm going to make gravy this weekend.