Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Fridays

My kids have decided to take over the dinner duty on Fridays. This unsolicited offer was made and accepted last week. I've always been a fan of Fridays but this is a whole new level of enjoyment. Our kitchen construction project is still happening so the dinner was made with a microwave, George Foreman Grill, and my Weber Q.
My daughter's boyfriend works at Costco and is a food hound like my kids. The group purchased La Brea Bakery rolls, and Aidells teriyaki pineapple meatballs at the big box store. At home in the temporary kitchen they grilled pineapple slices and onions. The meatballs were heated in the microwave with BBQ sauce. The balls were them placed on the rolls and topped with mozzarella cheese. A few minutes in George Foreman and dinner was complete. Now that's some spicy meatballs!
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