Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogless in Novato

Inspiration, I need inspiration! It's Friday of the Labor Day Weekend. I'm hanging out at the local smog inspection station getting smogged. I know mundane chores like this should be done at more appropriate times but we put this off until the last minute so it has to be done now. The guy at the counter says it will be a half an hour until the car is ready. So making the best of the situation the wife and I wander down Redwood Blvd. to check out the doughnut shop. The owner is busy washing his car out front so we pass by and find a beautiful bench in the shade. I don't know why this bench is here, no bus stop or real purpose for it. Taking advantage of the good luck we plop down and observe humanity. Across the street people are roaring around Trader Joe's, we have a view of the freeway which is practically gridlocked. Our discussion turns inevitably to "what's for dinner?" Lacking any inclination towards creativity I call my kids and ask for ideas.
Is it true that teenagers, like truck drivers, have an innate sense of where to find good food cheap? I think so. Youngest daughter's girlfriend's boyfriend works at this pizza place, Mamma Mia. We decide to check it out. We arrive at about 4:30 and the place is empty. The prices here are unreal. A 16 inch pie with one topping is $10, hella less than the other locals. We place our order and plop down at empty table. Just then a herd of carefully groomed teenage rocker boys arrive to place their orders. Looking like the 'Stones' only 45 years younger they queue up at the counter. I'm told that this place slams during the high school lunch hour.The chef is unfazed and soon our pizza arrives. The hand pulled crust is thin and made from organic whole wheat flour. A garlicy sauce and generous toppings. Mama Mia, thats-a good pizza!
This restaurant has changed hands more times than a ten year old dollar bill. I hope this time it sticks. The interior is more like a place I'd expect in the Haight rather than a strip mall in Novato. There is lots more items on the menu. Pastas, polenta, steaks all at bargain basement prices. I'm going to need to check them all out. Funky decor, great pizza and low prices. I got dinner, a blog and a great start to a holiday weekend.
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12 inch Vegetarian $7
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12 inch pepperoni $8
1553 South Novato Blvd.
Novato,Ca. 94947


cookiecrumb said...

Big, fat YAY! That's a very inspired, energetic write-up, and you got me interested. Worth a drive, eh? (Heh. About 15 minutes from here.)
Closer to my 'hood we have the rather horrific Pinky's (which comes to mind only because, like Mamma Mia, it gets slammed by students from SRHS).

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb.. Pinky's is no slouch. This place is a hole in the wall. Seats thirty maybe. The walls are covered with pictures of customers.Just a neighborhood joint.

drbiggles said...

Inspiration? Hey, I could use some as well. If you find any let me know, eh?