Sunday, July 23, 2006

Of Course He Is!

Take me to the river and wash me down! Living in the San Francisco Bay Area spoils one in many ways. Food tops the list in my book and weather comes in a close second. Normally when it gets hot here we have two or three days of pain and then the fog rolls in and we’re in heaven again. Not this year, it’s been hot nonstop. I know, “would you like a little cheese with that whine.”

Rather than cavorting around this weekend I stayed home huddled in the relatively cool house. I’ve been sitting around in my shorts watching the telly, DVD’s, contemplating life, politics and food. I decided that there is a fine line between fantasy and reality and it gets blurred sometimes. Case in point, The Game starring Michael Douglas, a movie filmed in San Francisco years ago. I enjoyed the film up until the end when the fantasy was broken by the appearance of a coworker appearing as the brother-in-law. Yeah, I knew the guy was an actor, but how can you buy the fantasy if you know the players?

The same thing happened to me with the Food Network. I have been a fan of Iron Chef since they used subtitles. When they cast Iron Chef America it seemed a natural extension of the show. Instead of the Michael Jackson dressing chairman we got his “nephew”, a handsome martial arts master. Picture this, my son and I were watching the movie Cradle to Grave starring Jet Li. Patrick pointed out all the guys in it who are Ultimate Fighters. He said, “Dad that guy looks like the guy from Iron Chef!” Say it isn’t so! Our chairman was playing a fierce bad guy in the movie. Of course he’s an actor, Mark Dacascos to be exact. A little research and we found his website and filmography. Another fantasy crushed. I think I’ll go stick my head in the freezer. Stay cool everybody.

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Mark Dacascos


cookiecrumb said...

And a terrible actor he is!!
This was a hilarious post. Thanks for the scoop.
(Back to sticking my head in the freezer. It's hot out there.)

Greg said...

In the movie I saw he swallows an atomic pill and turns into a special effect. Now if that's not good acting what is? ;)