Saturday, July 15, 2006

Santa Rosa Farmers Market

We spent our hard earned gas money and cruised thirty miles north to Santa Rosa today. I worked there for several years and drove up every day. Now with gas prices at $3.35 a gallon I'm glad I work closer to home. Each farmer's market has it's own vibe. The Saturday market at the Veteran's Building is busy but laid back. The vendors are friendly and eager to please. There isn't the yuppies in search of a food pedigree atmosphere that exists at the Sunday Marin Market.
The tomatoes we planted late this year are not quite red yet so we purchased some beautiful specimen's destined for a fresh salsa. We also grabbed some sourdough from Bennett Valley Bread and Pastry. It was suppose to be for sandwiches but suffered an early exit as bread and butter before dinner. The last stop was for parsley and basil plants for the kitchen garden. We considered the taco truck but decided to go cross town for lunch.
There's some psychic food connection between my wife and I when in Santa Rosa. We both know what's for lunch. Pho Vietnam is located in a run down strip mall off Stony Point Road. This tiny place packs them in with Vietnamese offerings of all kinds, but I only have eyes for the Pho. My choice the large number seventeen. Spicy, beefy broth with noodles, rare steak and meatballs all for $5.75. As Rachael Ray would say "Yum OH!".
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Tomato Time
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We're not in Marin anymore Toto!
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And the winner is Pho Vietnam
711 Stony Point Rd # 8Santa Rosa, CA 95407(707) 571-7687


cookiecrumb said...

I bet it was pretty warm up there. But you talked me into it: I'm gonna go next Saturday (if I'm not otherwise at Point Reyes Station)!

Ivonne said...

Hopefully your delicious finds helped offset the horror that is gas prices these days!

The market looks gorgeous!

drbiggles said...

My head just hit the desk. I NEED SOME PHO !!!