Sunday, January 22, 2006

Davis Farmers Market

Took a little trip to Davis, Ca. Saturday. On our last trip we spotted a butcher block top kitchen cart in the Ace Hardware store and fell in love with it. That was almost a year ago and as the old saying goes "you snooze, you lose". Turns out it was a close out sale at half price. If we want to order a new one it will cost double.
All was not lost. Davis has a year round Farmer's Market on Saturday. We bundled ourselves in layers of clothes to fend off the cold damp weather and went shopping. Some of the farmers were familiar from the S.F. Ferry market. Capay Organics' display was a work of art. We purchased some carrots and Meyer lemons from them.
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Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms supplied us with Fresh Oyster and King mushrooms.
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oyster mushrooms
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king mushrooms
East & West Gourmet Foods of Concord was a new vendor to us. Their sign said Italian/Afghan foods. They offered an array of flat breads and dipping sauces. We purchased bolani, an Afghan flat bread stuffed with spinach, and a container of spicy cilantro pesto.
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Attractive young ladies be warned! The handsome young man behind the counter will seduce you into buying lots of food by flirting with you endlessly. I watched it happened several times. His banter is smoother than Tuscan Olive Oil. If his bedside manner is as good as his pitch you could find yourself compromised in a heart beat.
I know we may have violated some unwritten market law with our next stop, Pedrick Produce in Dixon. An ugly Quonset hut building at the Pedrick Road off ramp west of Davis. Hordes of people stop here on the return trip from Tahoe. Probably not all organic, but a great value, they offer fresh and dried produce of all kinds. A twenty five pound sack of sweet navel oranges for juice was $4.99. We also purchased some dried, candied cantaloupe that was tasty and very sweet.
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Dried Fruit
Garlic Stuffed California Olives from Armstrong Olives rounded out our cart.
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Brett said...

Davis is a cool little town. The people who make those bolani also send some to the Alemany market in San Francisco. I buy the same ones you describe whenever I go to that market. They're really tasty.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

I love Davis! The photos look great, beautiful colors. Hugs from Panama :)

kitten said...

I was looking around blogland for some info to add to my site when I came accross your blog, very nice effort. I know what I like and I like it.

Anonymous said...

I left the comment for this entry under a different one.. sorry. I hope you can figure it out. Its the only anonymous one. its in regards to Saleem, wo you didn't do justice to

Anonymous said...

you defanitly don't do justice to Saleem. HE is a great guy, he maybe a flirt but its all harmless... you make it sounds as though he is trying to trick people into buying the food. And hey if you flirt back you might even get free food.

Anonymous said...

Saleem is awesome!