Saturday, January 28, 2006

Will Frank Bruni Find Humility?

Every Wednesday morning I struggle into my local food megamart to purchase an array of newspapers. The friendly checker Phil always asks "are your going to read all those?". Well yes and no. The food section yes and the rest probably not. I will recycle the rest. I, like many other foodies/bloggers, fulfill my passion/addiction to all things food related by reading the latest food news. One of the best food sections around is the New York Times. I know I'm a little late in penning an opinion about this because other bloggers have already written about it. Shout out to Dr. Biggles. I have been kinda busy/tired/ lazy but I wanted to make mention.
Each week Frank Bruni writes a review of NY restaurant. The places he visits are normally way out of my league price wise. I read him anyhow just to see how the other half lives. I've found him to be a little snotty, in an 'I'm entitled cause I'm special way.' His recent article "My Week as a Waiter" has him working the other side of the table. He is funny and self deprecating in this article and sounds like the kinda guy I would like to hang out with. Will it last? Hard to say. Some of the quotes from the waiters at the restaurant he worked at are really insightful. I think waiting tables should be mandatory service for everyone. It will either make you into a cynical fool or make you humble and forgiving to those who serve. Frank stay humble.


Jennifer said...

I wonder if we could persuade Michael Bauer to do the same...??

Somehow I doubt it.

Greg said...

Jennifer....Bauer is a canidate for ego reduction surgery.

Mona said...

Ego reduction? Who's this Bauer guy? Is he related to Jack Bauer? Ha :)
I once met with a career mentor and he told me this. "I will hire you in a second if you've been a college athlete, if you've waited tables, and if you can carry on a conversation with me." I know I had 2 out of 3 on those on paper, and I think I could talk to him:) I'd say that's the nail on the head right there. I too agree everyone should waitress at some point, it will only give you a better understanding and more patience when you go out to eat. It's a character builder, kinda like being poor, like me.

Ivonne said...

Hi Greg,

I just found your blog via Mona's Apple. Great site!

I was in Marin County this past summer on a trip to San Jose/San Francisco and Napa Valley. It's lovely country!

I look forward to visiting again!