Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nice Buns - Skully's Novato

When ever I want to jump start my day it's a quick run to Skully's Bakery in Novato. Today we had a long to do list and needed a little energy to motivate. The Oldtown area has been a disaster area during the revitalization project. Now it's beautiful, open and ready for business. Lots of new shops and restaurants here. Skully's has been around for a while and I'm glad they survived the chaos
No words are spoken between me and my wife. I know what to order here, like a comfortable old habit. I get the blueberry morning bun and she has the bear claw. Both are rich, buttery and delicious. There are lots of other choices. Muffins, breads, and savory items too. Tom and Dave's Coffee is served, hot and strong. A good day has begun.
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Morning bun
Skully's Bakery
1407 Grant Ave.
Novato, Ca.


Mona said...

wowsas, that looks amazing!! i wish i was in cali right about now. well actually, fall in new england is pretty amazing. my best friend from school's from marin. i'll have to ask her if she's heard of this place.

cookiecrumb said...

I didn't know about Skully's, but the pictures make my teeth hurt. [Get this sweet-toothless hag some salsa, some vinegar, some salt!]
However -- you had me at "buttery."
Oh, wait... Savory items too! Bingo.

Jennifer said...

They also have loaves of freshly-baked bread that make fanatastic french toast! Skully's rocks.

kim M said...

omg, ur making me hungry! and i think skullys is an amazing bakery to. yummmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I just ate a Skully's for the first time and loved it! They have all kinds of lunch items that are healthy and hearty. I loved the bread on my sandwich.

Anonymous said...

He's my uncle and a great baker. I enjoy sitting in the cafe with my cousins when we visit. My mom says their coffee is really great!