Friday, September 30, 2005

Luciano's Reno

This is the last blog in a series about our trip to Reno. I’ve saved the best for last. First, however, I would like to give a mention about our lodging and casino. I know a lot of people in the S.F. area think Reno is not really a destination city. I think it’s worth a look; you get lots of bang for your buck. We stayed mid week at the Silver Legacy Hotel and casino for $35.99 + taxes. The rooms are on the small side but are comfortable, quiet and nicely appointed. They have a large swimming pool and spa and other luxury amenities. The dining possibilities are enormous. At the Victorian buffet, for under $15 we ate beyond all reason and sensibility. The menu included a fine prime rib, fish, shrimp and desserts in mini sizes so you could try one or twelve. Fairchild's oyster bar pleased us with the seafood medley at $25 for two. Over at the Eldorado Hotel, the Brews Brothers served up some tasty wood fired pizza to go with their house-brewed beers. Then there’s the casino if you’re a betting person.
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seafood medley

Now on to the best, Luciano’s. There are two locations now, Virginia Ave. just south of downtown and Lakeside. Locals largely frequent both, but I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind if a few visitors snuck in. We go to the Lakeside location because Mom lives nearby. Inside it is decorated with plants and murals and has an alfresco feel to it. At first I was reluctant to write about this place because I’ve known the owners for so long. Sanity prevailed, of course, and I decided it was OK to let everyone know about a great little Italian eatery.
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Luciano was born and learned his trade in Italy. He came to this country and worked as an Executive Chef for upscale hotels in California and Nevada. When his chance arrived he opened his own place on Virginia Ave. Through hard work and armed with great recipes he now has two successful restaurants.
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Dino's in the house

April, Mom and I like to sit at the bar. We watch all the good food and beautiful people go by. At the end of bar is a singing Dean Martin doll. I love Dino! On this night I chose the ravioli with sage butter. The sauce is so good I just want to lick the last drop from the plate. Mom had the spaghetti with meat sauce, and April had pasta puttenesca. Tastes confirmed that all were wonderful. Entrees come with baby lettuce salad (I recommend the gorgonzola dressing) or soup. If you love desserts this is the place, check out what’s special in the display case. A little pasta, a little wine…life is good!
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meat sauce spaghetti
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what's for dessert?

6135 Lakeside #145
Reno, Nv.


cookiecrumb said...

Fun! Looks so retro. What would I wear, go-go boots or a platinum wig?
(My main question, and this is a huge dilemma, is what would I do with my puppy? I can't stand traveling without him. He loves his little tote bag, so I suppose I could smuggle him under the table... He won't bark, I promise.)

Tana said...

Hi, Greg, I found you linked at "I'm Mad and I Eat." Have you ever tried La Vecchia in Reno?

I wrote it up here (and elsewhere). I love that place.

Also, have you had the seafood sampler at Oceano? It's not worth paying the extra for the lobster, but the Alaskan king crab is the best I've had in years.

Glad to find your blog.