Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mini Picnic

This week seemed like it lasted forever. The day job just took over and grabbed all my time. The highlight of my week was the article about Rachel Ray in the NYTimes. I swore I wouldn't get involved in the fray, but I gotta like the girl for her determination.
Anyhow, Saturday was evaporating with nary a blog in site when we decided to take a mini picnic. An abbreviated, spontaneous event. We threw the picnic basket and the cooler in the trunk and headed west. Fortunately a great picnic site is close. The Marin French Cheese Factory is about ten minutes from our humble abode. It is so nearby that we forget how lovely the place really is.
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A pond of geese and a large tree shaded picnic area are normally alive with travelers headed to the Point Reyes area. Today was not busy, considering it was a magnificent, warm October Saturday. There was a few couples romancing and a number of kids throwing hunks of bread at the geese.
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We stopped at retail store and purchased a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and of course cheese. Today we sampled the Pesto Brie and Le Petite Bleu. My favorite was the bleu. After the requisite photos, we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ambiance. Sometimes life is a picnic.
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Jennifer said...

I love the pictures, Greg - what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday! Cheese, wine, bread, and a view of water and wildlife?! That's Northern California for you. Three cheers...

Mona said...

Very cool pix! Wish I had known about the cheese factory when I visited. I too read the Rachel Ray article and was surprisingly very impressed with her!

cookiecrumb said...

Way to go, picnic boy! Lovely.