Thursday, August 25, 2005


Fellow blogger, cookiecrumb, over at I’m Mad and I Eat tagged me with a Meme. So far I had managed to dodge these things. They kind of remind me of chain letters, and I like chain letters as much as I like Amway salespeople. But this concept of listing five of my childhood food memories intrigued me.

I jumped into the wayback machine I have attached to an old black and white the garage. I started it up and began my journey. Hey Mr. Peabody “what’s up dog?”. There’s Sherman, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha. Next up, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, girls dancing, oh my. Adam Twelve 415 man with a gun. I Dream of Jeanie, hot outfit girl! The Mickey Mouse Club with girls dancing, makes me feel all funny in my tummy. Knock it off fool, that’s childhood food memories! M.I.C. see ya real soon, K.E.Y., why because we like you. M.O.U.S.E. Enough already here’s my list in no particular order.

Tastykake chocolate cupcakes

Little Tavern hamburgers – much like White Castle little burgers buy em by the bag

Hot Shoppes Mighty Mo and Teen Twist Sandwiches - a Washington D.C. drive thru restaurant.

French fries with gravy. Closely followed by McDonald’s original fresh cut fries cooked in lard.

Mom’s potato salad. Made with Miracle Whip and Lawry’s Season Salt. Served along ham sandwiches on dinner rolls with hot mustard.

There’s the list. Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat….Grrrrrr!


cookiecrumb said...

Hokey smoke! Hot Shoppes was a drive-IN restaurant when I was a teenager in Alexandria, not drive-THRU. Wow, what a coincidence. DC. And now Marin...
BTW, couldn't agree with you more on the chain letter reference. Ah, well. Now I can remove the curse on you.
thanks greg.

Monkey Gland said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the chain letter thing. But then again at least the average meme tag doesn't promise to make me a millionaire or kill my dog. That's what hotmail is for...

Greg said...

You are absolutely correct cookiecrumb.It was a drive-in restaurantin Silver Spring.We drove thru checking out the girls

cookiecrumb said...

Monkey Gland: You're supposed to be on vacation. Get off your laptop and go -- well, I was gonna say have a pint, but I know you're dealing with Mean Ol' Mr. Nicotine.