Monday, June 13, 2005

Reality is Dempseys

I don't know about you, I've had just about enough reality TV. Even PBS is getting into the act with Cooking Under Fire. While the chefs try to be very gentile and humane, the catch phrase "you're 86'd" is a total Trump rip off. If you want to be a chef in Todd English's kitchen, go to culinary school, work your butt off for very little money and apply. It has to be better than being humiliated on Public TV. You're 86'd!

I know the world needs another mean spirited, self-absorbed, Simon Cowell wannabe. Tune in to Hell's Kitchen on Fox. Gordon Ramsay trys his best to be a drill sergeant. They lost me when he decided to humiliate the customers. Not reality!! Frosted hair on a drill sergeant? At ease Gordon.

My new reality is dinner at Dempseys' in Petaluma. Located at 50 East Washington Blvd. in the Golden Eagle Center. Good food, service and beer brewed on premise. That's keeping it real.
The menu is extensive enough to provide my wife with a salad or small plate.

Lemon grass chicken with spicy dipping sauce
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I love the Pizza Red Rooster
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Special Beer Sausage with Polenta
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Don't forget dessert- Chocolate Pudding Pie
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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
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I think my taking photos had them a little worried at first. As you were! Good job soldier.


Sam said...

Gordon Ramsay was doing this stuff back in Britain WAY WAY before Simon Cowell so he's no wannabe. He also abuses customers in real life. Some famous people have even been chucked out of his dining establishments as I recall.
He used to be a footballer (soccer player) don't you know..?

drbiggles said...

Hey man, where'd you go? You on vacation?