Sunday, June 12, 2005

Citizen Media

This past Saturday I was happy to attend a meet-up of bay area bloggers at Kron4 Television in San Francisco. All kinds of blogs were represented, not just us food bloggers. As if free food and t-shirts weren't enough incentive, there was also serious talk of changes in Media. It seems Kron4 doesn't want to crush the competition but wants to facilitate a working partnership with the new "citizen media". Count me in.
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We all got to tour the newsroom and mug for the video guy. Pictures were taken, many pictures! I think I was the only one in the room not holding a camera.
It seems a couple Kron4 employees have food blogs. Brian, a writer, has a photo blog Brians Lunch. Everyday he documents the place he eats. Got hungry scrolling through his photos.
Stanley the videographer has We8there that allows visitors to review restaurants. Two very interesting gentlemen. Thanks for the hospitality. The next lunch is on me.
Got to meet Guy of Meat Henge. He is the one who turned me on to The Fatted Calf at the Berkeley Farmers Market. Anybody who likes pork products that much is OK in my book.
Amy of Cooking With Amy is as charming and knowlegable as her blog.
I got to see my ugly mug on TV. Am I really that fat? Don't answer that! Look forward to seeing the list of bloggers Kron4 will be posting on their site.

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drbiggles said...

HEY !!! Yeah, it was good to meet you and your wife. As creepy as the meeting was, I think they were right. See some faces.
Look for a picnic inviting us all to have a day of happy.