Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cafe Albert

In Marin County bargain dining is rare. The fast food joints are priced higher here than in other neighborhoods. So it is with some trepidation I give up the location of this restaurant.

Café Albert (actually more of a cafeteria) is located at 1650 Los Gamos Rd. in San Rafael Ca. The cross street is Lucas Valley Rd. It is really difficult to locate in a Speakeasy sort of way. Go around the back next to Dock C and enter through the glass door that says Café. The rest of the building is locked for the security of the other business tenants. As of this writing it is open to the public. The main purpose of the Café is to feed the high tech workers at The Marin Technology Center.

Mind you this is not haute cuisine. It is on par with a Dennys or I Hop. The hook is the prices kick butt! The place is open Monday through Friday for breakfast starting at 630 AM and lunch starting at 1030 AM. Closing time around 230 PM.

The Morning Special, available everyday, consists of two eggs, two bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.95. Standard breakfast stuff is the order of the day. Two pancakes and an order of bacon will set you back $3.15. A football sized breakfast burrito costs only $2.25.The big coffee is seventy five cents.

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Morning Special-Strawberries extra

Sandwiches, soups, salad bar, burgers, fries and other grilled items Oh My! Each day there is a lunch special usually around $4.00. Today’s special was steak soft tacos with rice and beans. Can you believe your standard sandwich is $3.10?

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Todays special- beef soft tacos

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hot and sour soup of the day

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a selection from the self serve salad bar
There is a frequently changing art show in the dining room and a private outside eating area

The above prices are before tax and gratuity. If you get stuck in the Marin 101 parking lot one morning,stop by, they make it to go as well.


Jeenie said...

After working in that area for almost 3 years, I agree that Cafe Albert is the best deal around.

drbiggles said...

On par with Denny's or IHOP? Are you high? Denny's would have at least an inch of 'oil' on the plate.
And depending on the IHOP, it can be almost edible.
But I've NEVER seen plates like those come out of either one. And I've been attending Denny's/IHOP for probably 35 years. Well, almost. I stopped going to Denny's in 1984 and we still go to IHOP from time to time. It's easy for the kids and I get chicken fried steak, gravy and tates.


Anonymous said...
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