Sunday, June 19, 2005

Are We Loving it?

Millions of dollars have been spent. Ads in all styles and all languages. McDonald's has been touting their new salads lately and life's a picnic decided to put them to the test.

The premise being we would buy a selection of salads and do a tasting with my crew. That crew would be me, my wife, three daughters and son.

The salads were purchased at lunch time at the McDonald's on Redwood Blvd. in Novato, Ca.

We photographed the salads first as they emerged directly from their containers. Then we added the enclosed garnish, styled them a bit, photographed again and then tasted.

First contender. Apple Walnut Salad
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Styled with walnut garnish added
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Next up- Grilled Chicken Caesar
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Croutons added -Parmesan was hidden under chicken and located on tasting.
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Last Victim - bacon ranch - we changed up the dressing and used the balsamic vinegar
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A little fluffing of the greens helped the look
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The results
The walnut apple salad is a winner.All tasters put this in the good to excellent range of taste.The walnuts seemed to be the big hit.

The Caesar falls into the good category. The dressing and croutons add a lot of flavor.

The bacon ranch is disappointing. The greens are similar to the Caesar, but the bacon is soggy and really tastes nothing like bacon at all. The cheese suffers the same soggy fate.

The crew thought it was nice to have a healthy option for a fast food meal. I think we're likin it.


Anonymous said...

The apple/walnut salad is a nice quick breakfast or snack item! It's the kind of salad, you can order and enjoy as opposed to obligingly order because you're on a diet or you have to watch your cholesterol ...

Amy Sherman said...

I just saw Supersize me on TV and it's hard to believe the salads were not in response to that movie.

Anonymous said...
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