Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Exciting Days!

In the last three weeks we  have done all kinds of things! We took a ten day cruise to Alaska, celebrated forty years of marriage, became new grandparents and traveled, to and from, Portland on the Amtrak Coast Starlight. We had many fine meals and gathered award points from Marriott and Hyatt Hotels. Avril has been amazing! She is  pleasure to travel with and somehow manages to juggle work and personal time with grace. Thank God for high speed internet access and happy hour wine!
I just now sat down and started to sort out all this adventure and figure out how to blog about it. I think I will hit the highlights a little at a time.
Stern Pool Golden Princess- Looking back to San Francisco
Rainy day in Juneau!

The first stop of the cruise was Juneau. It was rainy and cold so we did not spend much time on shore. We wandered about in the bluster and ended up at Taku Store. We bought lots of salmon as souvenirs and gifts. In my brain, edible souvenirs are the best. We headed back to the ship for early dinner time in the Crown Grill Steakhouse, to celebrate forty years! Our great kids had prearranged gifts of champagne and wine and somehow managed to convince Princess to comp the cover charge for the Crown Grill. We both ordered filet mignon and lobster, our favorite! The entree arrived on huge plates surrounded by more plates with mushrooms, fries and grilled asparagus. It was the smallest item on the menu but still a enormous amount of food. I was wishing I had skipped breakfast and lunch!
Crown Grill Golden Princess
Golden Princess a great place for our anniversary!


Chilebrown said...

Congrats on 40 years. Celebrating in a steak house is my kind of celebration.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Thanks! I was just thinking about you. Someone has opened a new restaurant in Novato called Bacon. May have to try it out.

Zoomie said...

Wow, that's great! Marvelous to become grandparents at such an auspicious time! And on a cruise, which I know you both adore! Perfect! Congratulations! 40 years makes Buzz's and mine at 17 look like pikers.


Greg said...

Zoomie- thanks. the baby was suppose to arrive weeks after our return. plans do change. All is well that ends well.

Taqi Mashadi said...

You have a nice blog sir.. I really like blogs like these which are sort of personal experiences and I have just started a blog on travelling and visiting to places. Its a nice thing to visit and travel and get new experiences.

John said...

Hi Greg,

I have really enjoy your blog. Your posts on the Grand Princess have been especially helpful, as my wife and I are set to sail on the Alaska cruise in September.

On your cruise to Hawaii you noted that your and Avril booked an inside cabin. At $1,000 per person that is a steal, but it is something my wife and I have never done on the four cruises we have been on, nor the upcoming trip on the Grand. We think we would be either claustrophobic without windows or a veranda, or feel that we must be out of our cabin all of the time and just use it for sleeping.

Have you always cruised in an inside cabin? Would you mind commenting on your experience?