Thursday, January 22, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise La Paz

Our ship  docked at Puerto de Pichilingue, an industrial port about ten miles away from our destination of La Paz. We had  breakfast and shot photos of the port before  boarding free buses that shuttled us into town. The buses have tour guides on board that give a humorous narration about the local area. I always put a tip in  the bucket at the front of the bus.
Puerto de Pichilingue
 We arrived in La Paz as a parade celebrating Mexican Independence day had just ended. There was still lots of activities from the celebration and photo ops abound.
La Paz Mexican Independence Day November 2014
 Along the Malecon there are beautiful statues and sights galore. We always stop at the artisan marketplace  a few blocks from the bus stop. Avril loves the selection of gorgeous  handmade jewelry at incredibly low prices. 
Malecon La Paz Mexico
We walked and people watched and had a grand time. We searched for beauty everywhere.
La Paz Mexico Courtyard 

I stopped at a convenience store and purchased bottled water. Normally I purchase water the cruise ship sells  at the exit to the ports. U.S dollars are widely accepted in La Paz. As a rule we always carry sun screen, wind breakers, hats and cameras in our Eddie Bauer traveler daypacks.  It is prudent to carry a little cash, credit card and identification when visiting. Exhausted we boarded the bus back to the ship. We had  a bit of lunch before our nap.
Lunch selection Horizon Court Buffet Star Princess
We decided to have dinner in the Crown Grill, the upscale steakhouse on board the Star Princess. It was a $25 charge per person extra. I would say it was worth every penny, an extreme meat experience!
Crown Grill Star Princess
Nest up on the blog Puerto Vallarta!


Zoomie said...

You could become a cruise director, or leader after all these cruises. Have you considered leading a photography cruise? You'd get your way paid and you could teach your students about photography while on the ship, then have photo excursions on shore, and sharing/critiquing of photos when back at sea. Just a thought...

Greg said...

Zoomie- Thank you for you compliments. While I love cruising I probably would hate working on one.

Chilebrown said...

I would go for the 'extreme meat experience."

Greg said...

Chilebrown-You would love it! I was going to go porterhouse but went with fillet. Avril had lobster. It was such a feeding frenzy that I failed to photograph the main course. Loads of food!