Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time Warp

In reading my own posts I see that I have gone out of chronological order, a bit of a time warp it seems. I had originally planned to daily blog our activities. Due to a combination of lousy internet access and  wanting to be a part of the action as opposed to reporting it, I am writing after the fact. When I last wrote we were in Portland renting a car and heading to Astoria. That all went without problem except for the fact that my brain thought it was 45 minutes from Portland to Astoria when in reality it is over two hours. A lack of road signs had us wondering if we were lost, but we did finally make it.
I already wrote about our stay at the beautiful Hotel Elliot. The wedding and reception were beautiful and love ruled the day. We planned an extra day in Astoria and enjoyed being tourists. The first farmer's market of the year happened just outside our hotel. Colorful Chinese Lion Dancers performed  to celebrate the market.

Astoria Farmer's Market Celebration

Astoria is a very photogenic place. We wandered the neighborhood and rode the Astoria Trolley. At two dollars a person for a day pass this is a great entertainment bargain. The views are stunning!
Astoria Trolley

Sights of Astoria Or. 

Normally I document and photograph all our meals, I was remiss but still enjoyed lots of great food. The portions were hearty and very reasonably priced. Oh yes! There was no sales tax!
Food Fun Astoria Or.

Off to Seattle is up next.


Chilebrown said...

Astoria is a great place to vacation. One observation that I made was there was a huge amount of bars in town. It must of been a colorful scene back in the day. You might have to be careful to not get shanghaied

Zoomie said...

Looks like a place we should visit. Glad it was fun and fulfilling.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Lots of bars and restaurants and all crowed!
Zoomie- We could have spent a lot more time there.