Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Eyes Eat First

With a little imagination you can take an everyday lunch into a luxury realm. I think food that looks good always tastes better, so I make it a point to make my food  beautiful. My wife was working hard on a project for work when I asked her "what do you want for lunch." She responded "vegetables, lots of vegetables." I try to keep fresh ingredients on hand and take a mental inventory daily. With prior preparation it took  ten minutes to assemble, style, photograph and serve her lunch. If you add five minutes of clean up you have a fifteen minute time investment. The cost was less than two dollars. I bet you can't match that in a restaurant. My wife's smile was a large reward for such a little time and effort.
Lots of Vegetable Lunch


Zoomie said...

That's lovely, not only the food but the caring intention behind it.

Chilebrown said...

You probably may not believe this but I have been eating a lot more salads. This one looks pretty as a picture.

Greg said...

Zoomie- Thanks! We are a team.
Chilebrown- Thank you. You have extreme access to produce at your market.