Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grand Princess Alaska Cruise - Day 3 Sea Day

Here we are again, another sea day on the Grand Princess as we begin to settle into a relaxed mode. I'm not saying we don't have activities but are pursuing them a little slower. Of course the morning starts with breakfast and photography. The Horizon Buffet on Lido deck is breakfast food heaven for me. The mathematical possibility for choice is endless. Today I have an asparagus omelet, bacon, sausage, potato scallion cake and toast. Avril has a salad (why not!), feta quiche, turkey/cranberry hash and potato scallion cake. The wait staff brings orange juice and coffee  until you say uncle. One thing I have noticed about the staff is the uniforms. I know someone in corporate has spent loads of energy styling and color coordinating the "look." Everyone working here is well dressed, to perfection. I admire the jackets that the outdoors staff wear and would personally wear one about town with pride.   
Horizon Court Buffet Breakfast Grand Princess

Horizon Court Buffet Breakfast Grand Princess

We walk off our big breakfast while snapping photos of the swimming pools and decorations on the Lido Deck. We purchase a "internet package" of 250 minutes for a smidgen over $100. If you can withdraw yourself from the internet I would recommend it because the internet connection is slow and frustrating. In fact if it were not for the fact that I like to upload my photos daily to my computer, as a precaution, I would even entertain not bringing it (gasp!). One would spend an eternity uploading photo files to the internet with the satellite connection.  Avril, who likes to stay in touch with home and work with emails,  recommends writing in "Word" and pasting into your email.

Aquatic Decor Lido Deck Grand Princess
Lido Deck Swimming Pool Grand Princess
We roll off to a "first time" Princess Cruiser meeting expecting a marketing message.  An attractive, articulate English woman does a bit of marketing,  but she also provides fun stories and pertinent info. Her best advice was about deck five, on which one can walk from end to end of the ship without blockage. This tip makes getting around the ship easier for the rest of the cruise. We do lunch in the Da Vinci  Dining room.  (Sorry no pictures here.)  We are so engaged with fellow passengers at our lunch table I holster the camera. Note to self for future cruises, get people's names and emails. There are many fun passengers on board.  My faith in mankind is renewed and it would be great to keep in touch.  I did note that I had filet of sole and Avril had soup and salad. Avril heads off to another Zumba class whilst I eyeball the camera equipment in the photo store. There, in the case is the Nikon "all weather" camera I had drooled over at Costco for the same price without tax.  Hmmmm...  Avril has a nap after Zumba and I too am exhausted from camera shopping. You know what time it is now? Dinner time again so soon but we must keep up our strength! Tonight is one of two formal nights and we dress "to the nines;" I admit I do like to dress up. As we wait for the elevator a stylish woman about eighty comments on our outfits.  She asks me, "Are you a doctor?"  I jokingly reply, "No, but I play one on T.V."  She says, "You're on that T.V. show House, I knew it!"  The elevator whisks us away, stunned by this revelation. We pose for pictures with the ship's photographer and I do my best to channel Cary Grant.
Photo by Grand Princess - release on file

At dinner we start with an appetizer of apple-wood smoked duck with cranberry relish and a refreshing mixed salad. I order what are modestly called "medallions" when, in fact, they are two hefty Fillet Mignon! Avril has the leg of lamb with a neon green mint sauce. Awesome!!

Da Vinci Dining Room Dinner Grand Princess

After dinner there is a captain's champagne toast with free drinks. Always be aware of free drinks on a cruise ship! Read the Princess Patter closely and take advantage. On this night we are dressed to impress and pose accordingly, strategically staging at the entrance where the wait staff brings loaded trays of Champagne. They must realize that I am a well known T.V. actor and liberally anoint us with copious amounts of Champagne. I could get accustomed  to this actor's life!  We flow off to the theater for a stage show called, "Stardust."  The night is splendid! 


Zoomie said...

You both are looking good in the formal attire!

Greg said...

Zoomie- Thank you! I could write another blog about thrifty fashion shopping,it is another passion of mine. Both of our outfits cost less than rental of formal-wear.Exclusive of shoes..we do spend some monies on shoes! :)

Chilebrown said...

Are you sure you are not with the marketing department because you are sure selling me on a cruise. Your days are so full of eating and activities. You probably did not get any rest until you returned home.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- No, but I would gladly take some of their money if offered :) They could pay me with cruises! I sleep like a baby on the ship. This allows me to keep up with my spouse the Energizer Bunny. I met a travel agent on board who was pitching a blogger cruise. Who knows?

cookiecrumb said...

The food (and the lovely people who ate it) looks really good.

Blogger cruise. I totally don't get it.

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- Thank you! The travel agent thought a group of like minded people on a cruise was a grand idea. If one organized a group of paying customers the organizer doesn't pay. She was with a group of farmers from the central valley. I balked because one of the best parts of our cruise is having Avril all to myself.

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