Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Impromptu Weekend Picnic

Last weekend we enjoyed the fantastic weather. Saturday we traveled to Corte Madera to watch my son play futbol (soccer.) After they won the game we headed north towards home and brainstormed lunch ideas. We remembered that a long closed market had re-opened just off the freeway along our journey. Marinwood Market is now a destination for us. I don't know why we hadn't stopped here before. Great produce, deli and meat counters paired with reasonable prices and friendly staff.  We bought all local products for an impromptu picnic. We selected Columbus brand Calabrese salame and mortadella at the deli. Over near the olive bar we spotted a product new to us Sonoma Brinery bread and butter pickles and added them to our cart. We need a bread for our lunch meats to rest upon so we grabbed a loaf of Artisan Bakers Pugliese. Our efforts were rewarded with a simple but extremely tasty picnic.

Sonoma Brinery Pickles
Picnic from Marinwood Market


Zoomie said...

And did you eat your delicious picnic on a blanket in the grass? I hope so. Then it would be perfect.

Greg said...

Zoomie- Not quite as romantic. We went home and sat by the garden with a glass of Twisted Pinot Grigio. Followed by a nap :)