Thursday, July 05, 2012

All American Pancake Breakfast

We celebrated the fourth of July with a pancake breakfast. When the kids were little we attended so many charitable breakfasts! In a fit of nostalgia we recreated our own pancake  breakfast. The Joy of Cooking recipe makes a scrumptious pancake. They are good enough to eat without toppings but what fun is that?  Avril paints a trail of cherry jam in the middle of her cake and then rolls it jelly roll style before consuming. I prefer a big old wodge of butter and pancake syrup. Call it independence from the diet day!

Pancake Breakfast


Zoomie said...

Just looking at that makes me hungry! I'm with you - need butter and syrup on my pancakes, but Avril's sound like yummy crepes... I would have had to at least have one of each.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Zoomie- I've had to increase my exercise routine after that breakfast. It was worth every bite!:)