Monday, June 04, 2012

Grilled Pizza a Quick Appetizer

I melded my pizza journey with my penchant for grilling over the weekend. There was homemade pizza dough stashed in the freezer so I grabbed it out about two hours before dinner. It rose up nicely and was ready for the grill. I rolled it out and brushed the top with garlic flavored olive oil and tossed it oiled side down  on the hot grill. It only took about thirty seconds for the dough to bubble up and begin to brown.I flipped it over and quickly added more garlic oil, tomato sauce and Parmesan Cheese. I put the lid down and  for another thirty seconds and removed the smoking hot pizza to a warm plate. Be careful this is a hot process and there is nothing that hurts more than hot runny cheese on your skin. Another caution, keep any topping minimal so they will heat quickly before the pizza burns. Cut the pizza into small pieces and serve as an appetizer to keep your guest happy while you get down to serious meat grilling.

Photobucket Grilled Pizza

I saw this apron at shop in San Diego. It should read BBQ naked...don't burn your buns!                                Photobucket

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