Sunday, January 08, 2012

Old School Recipe

Sometimes I don't know how I come up with dinner ideas. I was scanning the fridge for dinner fixings. What the heck can I do different  with boneless, skinless chicken breast? The little jar of capers that I use on my bagels in the morning literally leaped from the refrigerator  door. With my cat like reflexes I snatched it mid air. Was it a sign? I've got several Meyer lemons, how about some old school Chicken Piccatta? I hit Google for a recipe, and used Giada De Laurentis / Food Network as a starting point. I reduced  the lemon a bit and added more butter at the end. The result was splendid.

Chicken Picatta with Quinoa and tomatoes


Zoomie said...

Did you bone and skin a chicken? If not, you should try doing that. It's much cheaper to cut up the whole chicken yourself - I once heard a butcher say that you could take the breasts off a chicken and _throw_the_rest_away, and still save money over boned, skinned chicken breasts at the store.

Greg said...

Zoomie- I took the lazy route and purchased them boned and skinned.