Wednesday, December 07, 2011

LA to San D

 Day 3
We sleep in a bit to make up for our late check in. Our room is  twenty five floors above downtown LA. I have to admit I find downtown LA a bit intimidating. I'm used to San Francisco where it seems more pedestrian friendly. On our mile and half cab ride to and from Union Station we transverse two bits of freeway, cars coming and going in every direction. Google Maps says it is walkable, but I'll trust the cab driver. Check out the view from our hotel room.
View from twenty fifth floor of Westin Bonavneture LA

After a quick trip to Union Station, we arrive way early. It gives me a chance to snap a few photos. I imagine the golden years of Union Station, much of it is off limits but shines of yesterday's glory. Beautiful wood fixtures, stone and ornate windows -  I bet this space is used for events; if not it should be! Ticketing and information booths in use now are sealed with plexiglass, which I suppose is necessary but not as gracious as the old school booths.

Old school information and ticket booth -  LA's Union Station

We board the Pacific Surfliner and head out for San Diego. The train ride experience is at least as beautiful as the view from the Coast Starlight but I stupidly put myself in a seat with no window and hope to shoot some cool view pictures on return trip. At the San Diego Amtrak Station I suffer from a bit of deja vu before I realize that I had passed this spot on my only other trip to San Diego ten years ago. A $60 cab ride gets us to The DoubleTree Hotel located in a business park in the suburb of Del Mar. It appears nondescript from the entrance but once inside it is beautiful; particularly the pool and grounds. The best part of our day is the hotel happy hour. House wine is four dollars,  triple play of mini-burger with fries and pickles seven dollars and pizza with artichoke,olives,tomatoes and feta cheese five dollars. Happy hour makes me happy!

Happy hour at the Doubletree Hotel San Diego Del Mar


Zoomie said...

After that taxi ride, you'd _need_ a restorative meal of wine and goodies! Highway robbery, literally and figuratively. However, you seem to have come out on top. :-)

Greg said...

Zoomie- The cab ride was really fun. We had a young Nigerian student at SD State as our driver. Well spoken with a sense of humor. Historically the people at April's work arrive by plane and the company pays for a cab. Just by accidental observation, I realized there is a Amtrak station near the hotel, who provides a free shuttle. On the way back we will save company $60. Enough to pay for happy hour!

cookiecrumb said...

Make sure your particular train stops there. Did you notice it making stops on the way down? That would be good.

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- It does stop there and at this writing we have successfully boarded Amtrak at Solana Beach. The ticket agent kindly rewrote the ticket saving $7. We tipped the shuttle driver $10 for the ten minute drive.Solana Beach looks like a cool town to visit on future trips.