Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roy's Chicago Hot Dogs

After a short trip to Sonoma Wine Country we stopped in the town of Petaluma to try a taste of Chicago. What you talkin' about Willis? That's right, you read it correctly, Chicago in Petaluma. One of my informants told me about this place and we decided it was high time we tried it. Roy's Chicago Hot Dogs and Beef Shop is located in a live stock auction yard near a bunch of car dealerships; a bit hard to find but worth it. It is the kind of place you would see on Guy Fieri's Triple D show. Guy, if you haven't been there yet - this is your kind of place in your neighborhood. We had their namesake, Chicago Hot Dog ($4) and it rocked. My wife, a Chicago ex-pat, testifies to the authenticity of the dog. One of the staff told us that they ship all their product in from Chicago. Noted was the use of Vienna Beef and neon green relish. While we waited, we observed Italian Beef sandwiches being served and I have vowed to return and try one or maybe a half pound pastrami sandwich or chili fries.....drool!
Chicago Hot Dog - Roy's Petaluma Ca.

They even have their own rock and roll theme song!


Zoomie said...

Is that a dill pickle spear? Sounds like a fun outing and I go often to Petaluma, so I may stop in soon.

Word verification is "whametr" - I guess that's a gauge for the strength of one's wham.

Greg said...

Zoomie- They are located just north of the Petaluma Outlets.So much more I want to try. A bit of a dive location but a friendly staff and great dogs. The last couple of word verifications I've had were darn near a sentence.

Chilebrown said...

We are so there.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- You will love it!