Saturday, August 20, 2011

Onion Confit

This is a condiment we make on occasion that has many applications. If you want a recipe, Google onion confit, onion marmalade, or perhaps onion chutney. There are tons of recipes with little variations to try. My method is simple. I start with at least four big red onions, a quarter stick of butter (olive oil works too) and saute on low-medium heat until the moisture is gone and you are left with rather unattractive mass of really sweet onion confit. Taste it. Is it sweet enough? Onions vary according to season or type. In this recent application I added two tablespoons each brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Oh man that's good!

You can use it on sandwiches, as a garnish for some grilled steak, or bruschetta with Parm cheese for a sweet and salty tidbit. My most recent discovery is using it as a topper for a bacon hotdog. It was just an accident - I did this because I was trying to come up with photo that made the confit appear more attractive. Lo and behold, it turned out wonderful. It stores well in a jar in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Hot dog with applewood smoked bacon and sweet onion confit


cookiecrumb said...

Well, that's just beautiful. Thanks for walking us through it. For something as divine and sophisto as that, it sounds easy.

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- It is divine but sophisto....I dunno. One just has to be patient with the process as it takes a long time. I lack patience often... ask Avril. ;)

Zoomie said...

All I can say is "BIG WOW!" That looks and sounds really good! I'm definitely going to try that as soon as I can locate some Coleman's hot dogs. I like the sound of the other applications, too.

Greg said...

Zoomie- Simple but tasty.I used Casper's dogs this time. I forgot to mention that this tastes good by itself. Just put a pinch between your cheek and gum like the baseball players do. ;)