Monday, July 12, 2010

Slaw Throwdown

Now and again I get a touch of writer's block. Some days the blog ideas flow like water from the faucet and others, it's a dry well. This week I was trying to come up with a grand idea and after I read fellow blogger Cookiecrumb's post I knew I had it. She had concocted a wonderful coleslaw and another blogger Zoomie commented that she makes slaw dogs. That's where this all began. I decided to issue a slaw throwdown like Bobby Flay. A short trip to the supermarket later I prepared my slaw dogs. They are very tasty and really inexpensive. I used Foster Farm's Turkey Franks because they had won a Chronicle taster's choice and were on sale at Lucky's for $1.79.
Slaw Dogs!

The so called recipes:

Easy Money here. I used Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit. Full disclosure insists that I mention I added a few teaspoons of Rancho Gordo Chile Powder and twice the amount water. Simmer until you get a thick soup-like consistency.

Sous chef April ran a half of a large head of cabbage and a medium carrot through the slicing blade of our KitchenAid food processor. She has much more patience with the processor than I. To the cabbage mix I added two big old soup spoons of Best Foods Mayo, a couple of shakes of seasoned rice wine vinegar followed by random shakes of celery salt and fresh ground black pepper.

OK, Cookiecrumb are you ready to throw down one of these slaw dogs?


Zoomie said...

Cookiecrumb may not be but I went out and got dogs and slaw immediately upon reading this. Delicious!

Chilebrown said...

I love coles slaw. The Ferry Plaza has some bacon dogs that will have to be explored. Cole slaw and pulled pork is a match made in heaven.

cookiecrumb said...

I might throw one of those up!

Kidding. I'm not eating hot dog buns, but I make crepes from a garbanzo-flour batter; very satisfactory to wrap around a dog. And I've been putting kimchee in there for garnish; that's a lot like cole slaw!

Greg said...

zoomie- slaw is good and cheap too.
Chilebrown- bacon dogs!
Cookiecrumb- Yikes! Sorry about that.I forgot about the white flour. garbanzo flour it is.

Chilebrown said...

We had the bacon dogs last night. Oh they were good. Stay tuned!

jacky said...

count me in for one of those! wow, i can taste it already.