Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why Food Blog?

Last week we had an old friend over for dinner and reminisced about April's grandparents. It was funny how the most fun memories revolved around food. When people ask me why I blog about food I reply "it's all about the big money!" Well, that's a lie for sure. The real reason is about remembering and creating new memories. April's grandparents, Al and Margaret, were responsible for mentoring us in so many artistic ways. Al taught me about photography, Margaret taught April about food. But more than that they taught us how to enjoy life. That's what my food blog is about: Enjoying life.

Today we decided to have a little brunch and make some waffles. We hauled out our ancient waffle iron that Al and Margaret had given us thirty years ago when they bought a new, larger "improved" model. As April made the batter (she uses the Joy of Cooking pancake recipe) I did a little research. With a magnifying glass, I was able to read the model number. It seems we have a Toastmaster 2D1 circa late 1930's. At it is described as a top of the line art deco style. Ours is a little beat up but still makes killer waffles after almost eighty years. Thanks for the memories!
Oldie, but a goodie!


cookiecrumb said...

I'm disproportionately jealous of your waffle iron. Question: Does the first waffle look as good as the one in the photo, or is that a second or third try?

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- An astute observation! It is the third try. The first was a little under filled the second a little over filled. The third just right.The linked website has one restored for sale at just under $400 and would probably last another 80 years.

Zoomie said...

I have a nice old one, too, that I picked up from a wonderful second hand shop where I used to live in NYS. It was called "The Fixer's Offerings" and the fixer would take broken appliances, repair them and resell for peanuts. I think mine cost $5 and it makes two waffles at a time. We should get together the group for a waffle party!

Chilebrown said...

Where's the chicken?

Greg said...

Zoomie - waffle party sounds good!
Chilebrown - Waffles and chicken MMMM!