Friday, March 26, 2010

Burrata Yada Yada

In a post I wrote three years ago, I talked about my effort to try burrata cheese. In all that time I never found a source for it locally. In fact, the idea faded from my brain. Wednesday when I cruised the cheese aisle at Trader Joe's there it was. Not cheap at $4.99 for a small container, I threw it in the cart. At dinner time I kept it simple with a drizzle of olive oil, a few gains of coarse salt and a grind of pepper. Some lightly dressed salad greens for the back drop. It was rich, creamy and luscious. I might have to walk an extra mile to compensate for the calories, but sure worth it. It would make a killer Caprese Salad with some basil and seasonal tomatoes.

Traditionally this would be the end of the story. I always wonder if I convey the goodness of a particular product. I wish I could bring in someone like Liam Mayclem from CBS 5 Eye On The Bay. You know the guy. His accented, deep voice and smooth manner could make a reading from the phone book sound sexy. Here is a description I think he might use. 'This dish is supple, silky, soft and sensual with lashings of olive oil.' I have always wanted to use the word lashings as a description but I think Mr. Mayclem has ownership of that one. Liam, you the man!


Zoomie said...

Isn't it interesting how some people can use a word like "lashings" without self consciousness? I've been working my way up to using "lashings" for years - not there yet. Congratulations on finding your cheese as well as for your daring use of language. :-)

Tmac said...

Eeeww Cheese!

cookiecrumb said...

Burrata at Trader Joe's? Man, that's like finding Dior at JCPenney. Is it "good" anymore?
Thanks, though. Said the snob (and I am so not a snob).
Hey, Greg, we got some out in Point Reyes at the Cowgirl Creamery. It is from LA.

Greg said...

Zoomie- I kinda used a round about
way to use lashings without fear;)
TMac- sorry I forgot about your cheese aversion.
Cookiecrumb- Trader Joe's bringing greatness to the commoners everywhere. Gosh I have not been to Point Reyes in ages. Gotta go