Sunday, October 11, 2009

Full Disclosure

The following blog post event actually occurred on Easter Weekend 2009. I disclose this fact because I have been reading that the government is cracking down on bloggers who accept money in return for favorable posts. We are a group that is out of control with no editors, no structure and are basically without scrutiny. Be advised that I have not accepted any money for my blogs and in fact have spent tons of my own money. Why you ask? I write this blog to express to my readers my appreciation of life and adventure. I have been fortunate to have a wonderful wife and we enjoy our time together. We are lucky to have a few dollars of disposable income we can part with on our adventures. That being said, on with on with the post.

We had a weekend with no responsibilities pending. I cruised the internet for likely places to visit and came up with a highly rated resort in Napa on for under $150 (at this writing the rates on the hotel website are running over $400). The Meritage Resort and Spa is located in an business park just a short drive from downtown Napa. The building and grounds are immaculate. A large swimming pool and spa are inviting and the weather warm enough for dip and lounging. Just behind the pool is the Trinitas Wine Cave and Spa Terra. After a little exploration there we hiked the adjacent vineyard that has plenty of picnic spots, art work and stautary. Jack rabbits bounded through fields and remarkably we spotted a Great Blue Heron about twenty feet away oblivious to our presence.

On our last visit to Napa we enjoyed the Oxbow Market. On this visit we tried Picapica Maize Kitchen and were rewarded with tasty Venezuelan corn arepas and a maize'wich.
I also want to disclose we had a wonderful weekend and will continue to seek out and report on new, exciting and reasonably priced travel, food and adventure.

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Zoomie said...

Yes, we're a wild and unruly bunch, we food bloggers. Better lock us up quick!