Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wine Country

Back in my bar tending days at hotel fancy I noticed that most of my upscale guests would not consider a trip to San Francisco complete without a requisite trip to wine country. They would load up in limos, vans and buses and be off en masse to day trip and return later clutching their cardboard wine boxes. We are lucky here because wine country is a leisurely drive away. Now is a perfect time to visit, the weather is grand and the grapes hang heavy on the vine. Wine in the raw, if you will.

Dry Creek 2009

We chose Sonoma County wine country last Sunday. We toured the Dry Creek and Alexander Valley designations. There are so many wineries to chose from, but as they say travel is the journey and not the destination. The views are beautiful and the pace is easy. We stopped at Preston Vineyards. On Sundays they sell Guadagni red table wine, it reminds me of days when the small Italian wineries sold wines in large jugs. At Preston you go into the cellar and the jug is filled and labeled as you watch. Of course we also purchased some of their homemade olive oil and bread.

Preston's Jug wine and olive trees

We started early and decided it was time for lunch. Man does not live by wine tasting and bread samples alone! We motored over to the Jimtown Store which is located northeast of Healdsburg on Highway 128. This place is so fun! They have an eclectic collection of doodads and thingamajigs that will bring out the kid in anyone. In addition they have some really good food. We split a huge ham and brie sandwich with butter and Mendocino Mustard. I'm giving this sandwich an official OMG! award.

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Zoomie said...

That place has amazing sandwiches and a fun, funky atmosphere. Sounds like a great day all around!