Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's no secret

I'm giving up some secrets here today. My wife loves shoes and I like to indulge her shoe habit. We don't have a Sex in the City Dolce & Gabbana budget so we stay on the lookout for bargains. One unlikely store we found for bargain stylish shoes is in the Nordstroms shopping center on Market in San Francisco. This whole mall is a salute to expensive fashion but down on the BART level next to food court is a Payless Shoe Source store. I know they are everywhere but this particular one has a collection not seen at their other locations. We never pay more than thirty dollars and normally much less. This day we scored three pairs for less than fifty dollars.

After we shop it is normally lunch time and the ritual dance of deciding on where to eat begins. I say what do you feeling like eating and she replies " I would like a nice salad." This phrase in the past has caused some trepidation because in San Fran a "nice salad" comes at a price. The shopping center has food courts galore that are jammed with hungry hordes. A short elevator ride up to Nordstroms Bistro brings us to a more calm and civil place. The Bistro overlooks the Powell Street cable car turnaround and offers sit down service, a bar and most importantly nice salads. The prices are less than some of the food court offerings and we get to eyeball some of the really expensive shoes in the adjacent ladies shoe department.
fancy ham and cheese sandwich
A "nice" salad indeed!


cookiecrumb said...

It's so nice to read about your silly habits.

The other day my husband stealth-bought a pair of shoes for me which 1) I LOVE, and 2) fit perfectly.

Happy spring.

Zoomie said...

We like that place, too, and stop there whenever I am forced to shop for clothes, which I hate to do. It restores my good humor to eat there and relax. I can recommend Grandmere's Chicken there.

Mallory said...

I love to eat at the Nordstrom Bistro. I think the olive aioli is delicious! Definitely makes shopping more enjoyable. :)