Saturday, February 14, 2009

For a Laff

Anyone who has read my blog knows I love the Bay Area and its special jewel San Francisco. Nothing better than a day trip to the city to brighten my outlook. Last week we headed over to the Art Institute on Chestnut. This old fort-like building houses a number of galleries, an outrageous view of the bay, a quiet court yard, and cool little cafe. On previous visits we had gone during the week when the students were present. It was alive with youthful energy and talent. On this visit we only saw one lonely looking security guard. The cafe was closed but the great views and gallery were still available.
Gallery and courtyard
The view
We headed back down to Fisherman's Wharf and had lunch at the Marriott lobby lounge. The food is good, it never has been crowded and the bartender treats us like royalty.
After lunch, walked by the water and checked out the Musee Mechanique that houses antique arcade games and displays. It is home to Laffing Sal , who once graced Playland at the Beach,and a number of scary looking clowns.
Laffing Sal
Scary Guys!


Zoomie said...

I used to work at SFAI and LOVED it! Such a marvelous place with the Italian courtyard and the very modern rear building by the view. Lovely, lively, wonderful students, too! And we love the Musee Mechanique, although we haven't been to its North Beach location yet. What a fine day you had!

**April** said...

Beware the scary wizard with the pointy polka dot cone/hat! Ah, I always remember the parrots we saw once when we went to the Art Institute. I love your picture "books." :)

Linda said...

Hey Daddio! At Ikea I saw some framed wall art, it was just a frame that held three photos of various spices/herbs (I think one had sage, another had salt and basil... or something like that.) It was pretty cool. I thought it would be nifty to buy the frame and fill it with a few pictures from your blog and hang it in our kitchen! Do you have a flickr or something where I can get fullsize pictures to make prints?

flatbedbill said...

Hey Greg - When I was a kid growing up in the Avenues at 40th and Noriega, it was always a treat when our folks would take us to Playland At The Beach. I remember "Laughing Sal". When I was a small kid, she
used to terrorize me, my twin sister AND my brother! Remember the "Fun House"?