Saturday, December 15, 2007

For the Bucks

I thought I'd ease my way back in to my blog gently. Something non-threatening like Starbucks. We drove my daughter to work early this Saturday morning. The fog was down and it was chilly for California. A nice cup of coffee and perhaps a pastry would be just fine. Our town of forty some thousand has numerous Bucks and they are always jamming on the weekdays caffeinating the commuters. Today our timing was good and the San Marin Starbucks was empty save for some attractive young people behind the counter waiting for customers. We ordered two small or 'tall' house coffees, a cranberry berry muffin and a lemon scone. I sat in a comfortable arm chair and my wife took up residence on a chaise so she could prop up her injured ankle. I had brought along some food related reading material to occupy myself. Good coffee, decent pastry. and great music. Who is that singer? James Taylor? Sure enough, there is a flat screen monitor listing who is singing and what the song title is. Guess what? You can purchase or download the music here. That's genius! OK, I fell victim to some corporate marketing but it was warm and it felt good. Then there was holiday music. Maybe they will take the 'bah humbug' out of me. Happy holidays.
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cookiecrumb said...

Glad you're back.
Keep it up!

Zoomie said...

Only wish they had a way to heat the pastries. But I have spent an enjoyable hour at our local Starbucks, too - they aren't all bad!