Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh I wish I were !

Yesterday I had another childhood fantasy fulfilled. I got to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! A fellow employee had spotted the mobile earlier in the day at a hotel in Mill Valley so I started the hunt for the giant hotdog on a bun. I reasoned that there had to be an event nearby that was hosting the Wiernermobile. I cruised the internet, checked the website with no success. My hopes dwindled as the day went by. On the way home I was already starting to get into the weekend mode, looking forward to dinner and drinks, when there it was - parked on the fringe of the Northgate Mall tucked behind a tree that partially concealed it. I swung a left turn into the mall, parked, pulled out the trusty point-and-shoot and snapped a few. There were a couple of other crazy people standing around checking out the rig. No occupants or promotion was going on. Just then a clean cut kid with a cell phone camera walked up. I thought to myself this advertising icon must be multi generational, not just a passing memory of my faded youth. As I snapped a few more photos’s the young man opened the side door boarded, started it up and drove away. Bye big hot dog, until we meet again.

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I researched the Wienermobile and found the following facts. The original model debuted in 1936. There is a fleet of mobiles than travel around to promote Oscar Mayer. Each unit has its own vanity license plate. The one I spotted was WNR MBLE.

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Most of the celebrities I’ve seen have been a little less large in person that on the screen. The Wienermobile is just the opposite, larger that expected. So if anyone sees it driving around Northern California, shoot me a email! I sure would love to have a wienerwhistle.

Join me if you will in song. Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener that is truly what I’d like to be. Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener everyone would be in love with me.


cookiecrumb said...

I had a wienerwhistle! In about 1960. It's hard to believe I don't still have it, because I still have my Brownie knife... If I could find it, I'd give it to you.

(My mom always sang the jingle:
"Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,
Everyone would take a bite of me.")

Rev. Biggles said...

THAT IS SO COOL !!! I saw one once, on the freeway, on an overpass, going the other way, for about 20 seconds. It was impressive even then.


Carter said...

Yowza! The Wienermobile! Early in my corporate career I worked in Oscar Mayer's DP department. Everybody, I mean everybody from the newest employee to grizzled old factory workers loved the wienermobiles and trooped out to see whenever one was in Madison.

laddmary said...

I tried to intern in college at the Miami Herald so I could see Dave Barry and his Weinermobile. Sadly, I didn't get the internship, nor have I ever been able to ride in a Weinermobile... yet.