Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Old is new again

It’s Valentine’s Day and I fell in love once again. Last Saturday my wife and I attended a party thrown by her company in San Francisco. We secured a great room rate so we decided to start our stay on Friday and have a mini vacation. It was a grand weekend.

It seemed to me that old was new again. Every part of our trip reminded me why I fell in love with San Francisco and my wife many moons ago. We stayed near the Fisherman’s Wharf, because the party was nearby. I know it’s touristy but the area holds some great memories for me. When I first came to the city my dad housed us in a motel near Bay and Columbus for several weeks until our house was ready. I remember it was round and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. My brother and I prowled the wharf and North Beach trying our best not to get in trouble but you know how that goes. We drank white port with the drum playing hippies down by the Hyde Street Pier which led to the worst hangover of my life. Imagine two young guys in the seventies with time and money to spend. Let’s just say it was “far out”. It wasn’t much later I met my wife and we went on our first official date. We went out to dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf where my wife freaked me out by ordering frog’s legs. Her legs were hot in a miniskirt but those frogs’ legs were nasty.

On our way to the hotel we walked through the Wharf area and were amused by the addition of a Hooter’s Restaurant. It seemed a little unlike San Francisco until we remembered The Condor Club and Carol Doda. I guess men’s fascination with breasts is timeless. On Friday we saw Beach Blanket Babylon, an old San Francisco tradition, for the first time. I laughed so hard I fogged my glasses. On Saturday we walked North Beach, Chinatown and Union Square. We ate lunch at another San Francisco tradition, Molinari’s Deli on Columbus. Try the Renzo’s special, a combination of fresh mozzarella; sun dried tomatoes, coppa, and prosciutto on a roll.

Sunday we were slightly hung over by Saturday’s adventures but we made a few more observations about the city. The old Ferry Building is new again. Beautiful old street cars glide the Embarcadero where the hideous raised freeway once stood. A portion of the Embarcadero is now called Herb Caen Way. I miss Mr. Caen. I laughed and cried at his funeral. I submit to you that Herb Caen was a blogger before there was a weblog.

I had a great time with a lovely wife in a beautiful city. What’s not to love?
Have a happy Valentines Day.
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I left my heart in San Francisco


cookiecrumb said...

Kisses to you two lovebirds! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Amy Sherman said...

I never thought about it that way, but you're right HC was a blogger! A three dot blogger.

Anonymous said...

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