Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flip That Toast

In addition to my self admitted fascination to cooking shows I have been recently enthralled by home improvement shows. The most favored are Flip That House and Property Ladder both of The Learning Channel (TLC). It’s a kick to watch na├»ve and, for the most part, unskilled people redecorate homes to try and turn a profit. They stumble and bumble while in the end they have a magically transformed money maker on their hands.

We are not ready to sell our place, but it has some miles on it and is in need of some improvements. Watching these shows has emboldened us to give do it yourself a try. If those knuckleheads can do home improvement why not us? Our first project began yesterday. We decided to cut down half the wall between the kitchen and living room to add a counter bar. Milwaukee Sawzall in hand we demolished lots of sheetrock and other good stuff. Happy with our day’s work I looked at my wife who had a lovely patina of sheetrock dust covering her. It kind of reminded me of powdered sugar on French toast.

Guess what I made for brunch today? You guessed it French toast, stuffed French toast to be exact. A simple recipe I’ve had on my mind for a while. I wish I could remember where I saw it first so I could give credit. But my mind fails.

I began by making a cream cheese and cherry jam sandwich on egg bread. I dipped each side of the sandwich in a mixture of beaten egg, heavy cream and a splash of vanilla. Then I pan grilled them in a little melted butter. Shook on powdered sugar and feeling decadent drizzled on some maple syrup. I have to say the results of both my projects were fulfilling,

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Stuffed French toast


Anonymous said...

Pure poetry.
Geez, dude, how's that DYI going? Cranky and I were too scared to even hammer a nail in the wall to hang a picture on, after we had our living room painted. (OK. We got over it.)

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Wow. You sound MOTIVATED. You took out a wall AND made french toast? Hats off!

Mona said...

sounds like you're gonna have to start your own tv show soon, greg. why not do a little cooking podcast? now that i have weekends off i'll tune in.