Saturday, June 03, 2006

You Croc Me Up

For a number of years my wife wore a pair of cheap, orange, squishy, sandals for most of the summer months. Whenever she wanted to be comfortable they were the ticket. They were great for gardening because you could just hose them off and leave them in sun to dry. One day the strap broke and the foot joy ended. She tried tennis shoes, flip flops, mules and Ace Hardware gardening shoes. Sadly, not the same love.

Two weeks ago while surfing the internet, looking for the latest ideas in the food world, I came across Crocs. They are clogs made of lightweight, squishy rubber with little nubs that massage your feet when you wear them. They are being worn by nurses, doctors and chefs. Reportedly, Chef Mario Batali’s trademark orange clogs are Crocs. Are they ugly? Lookup ugly in the dictionary and they have a picture of Crocs next to it.

Anyway, I ordered up a pair for the wife and one for myself too. I ordered bright purple for the wife and navy for me. When they arrived I thought to myself “I would probably have sued my parents if they made me wear these as a kid”. The foot joy has returned! They are so comfortable you won’t mind the laughter you hear when you wear them in public. It’s like walking barefoot on the grass.

I ordered the more conservative closed toe Aspen Crocs. I think I may also order the vented toe Cayman Crocs they would be great for walking in water because the water would flow out the vents.

If I may paraphrase the lyrics from an old Jimmy Soul song: ‘So for my personal point of view get an ugly shoe to carry you.’
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I told the wife Barney the dinosaur may want his shoes back
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Foot Joy


Anonymous said...

I dunno. They're kind a cute in a Disney kind of way, but I don't think I could wear those. Are they really that comfortable?

cookiecrumb said...

Those shoes are hot; been seeing them everywhere. Man, they is u-u-ugly! I'm getting some in pink and pasting Hello Kitty decals on. Maybe. :D

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I hope your wife gave you a big hug and a kiss ... and I think the shoes are adorable!

Greg said...

Annon- they are way comfortable!
CC- they do remind me of the jellies we used to dress the kids in
Ivonne- She loves the shoes and wants more colors.

Anonymous said...

Crocs are all the rage. Tehy started in Bolder Colorado and have slowly swept the nation. For all hard core gardeners, house painters, and anyone who spends a lot of time on their knees Croc Knee pads are a life savor. I bought a pair when I was fixing up my new house. Don't know where I would have been without them.