Thursday, June 29, 2006

Take Home Blogger

In previous writings I’ve mentioned my addiction to food shows on both Food TV and Public Broadcasting. Now it seems like other channels want a little piece of the action. Low and behold, The Learning Channel has come up with a food show that has caught my attention. On Friday nights we watch Take Home Chef. TLC has imported chunk (chef/hunk) Curtis Stone to the U.S. Chef Stone has had other T.V. shows in both Australia and England. The premise of the show is Stone and his camera crew go into a supermarket and convince a really attractive woman to take them home. Stone pays for the food, accompanies the woman home and cooks a three course meal for her and her boyfriend/husband. All kinds of smiling, flirting and good food follows. Is this a Door Knock Dinner rip-off? Maybe, sort of, kind of it is. It’s entertaining.

Well I decide to turn my T.V. watching into a blog. I’ll go to the market and pick up a woman, take her home and cook her a three course dinner. My wife won’t let me pick another woman so I must be creative. I sneak up on my wife in Trader Joe’s and say “hello my name is Greg and I write a blog. May I buy your groceries, take you home and make you a three course dinner?” She says yes and we go home and much smiling, flirting and good food follows. Here’s my menu with photos too.
P.S. I am not a chunk. More of a chunky!

First course is grilled bread with Serrano Ham, fresh mozzarella, Kalamata Olives and balsamic vinaigrette.

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Main course is Surf and Turf. Fillet of beef, grilled jumbo prawns, vegetable couscous and French green beans.

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Dessert is dressed up strawberry shortcake. Pound cake with lemon curd, strawberries and crème fraiche.

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Take Home Blogger coming to your T.V. soon!


Jennifer Maiser said...

chunk - i love it!

cookiecrumb said...

Dude, I hope you got lucky! That looks good!

Ivonne said...

You are just too cute! It looks like you and your wife had a fantastic meal!

drbiggles said...

Ha! Cool. But the only ones that go with me to the store are my boys. If I go alone, sometimes women give me their phone number though. Does that count?


Mona said...

man i have to check out that tv show, especially now that i'm "on the market" again. ha! seems like i need to GO to the market more now, huh?
that food looks great, greg.
your wife is one lucky lady!
i love serrano ham.