Sunday, February 12, 2006

de Young Museum

My wife the artist loves museums. I'm into people watching. We both love food. Today we covered all our loves. The newly remodeled de Young Museum is, in a word, magnificent. The building itself is a work of art. If they have any leftover wood from their flooring call me I'll come over with a truck. The following photos are probably not the works of art my wife would have chosen,but they tickled my fancy. The first is a beautiful set of ceramics in the shape of fruit. There I go thinking about food again.
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This photo kinda looks like me with a hangover. Call it self portrait of self indulgence.
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To me the best part of any trip is the food. The de Young Cafe is a brilliant place for food. It is run by Bon Appetit who has a good reputation for upscale commercial foodservice. The staff is young, well dressed, efficient and would look right in any local expensive bistro. The plates and tableware are heavy and modern.
The foodstuffs have listed pedigrees that are very familiar in San Francisco Area: Vella Dry Jack Cheese, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Niman Ranch ham, lamb and bacon; Marin Sun Farms grass fed beef, Diestel turkey, Rocky Junior chicken, etc. The prices start at $6.50 and top at $12.50. A great value.
We decided to be good diet wise and bought salads. She had the "Today's Salad". Organic mixed greens, red onions, feta, tomato, cucumber, orange oregano dressing topped with grass fed skirt steak.
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I had "The Arugula" with Point Reyes Blue, roasted chiogga beets, shaved fennel, toasted hazelnuts, dressed with sherry vinaigrette.
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I watched a lot of food go by and almost wished I'd chosen the Marin Sun Farms cheeseburger, or the half Rocky Jr. Chicken with Meyer Lemon, butterball potatoes and garlic vegetables. They looked so good. To make the lunch not quite so diet, I assuaged myself with a healthy pour of Dynamite Vineyards Merlot ($7), a smooth, rich, oakey wine. In the words of The Governator, "I'll be back."


cookiecrumb said...

How smart of them to get a good restaurant service. About time! Art appreciators are surely also food appreciators.
Lunch at MOMA is also pretty nice, but not nearly as organic or sustainable as de Young.

Guy said...

Aw YEAH. Okay, we need to go then. It's time, I haven't been to the de Young since the 1980s some time.
I wonder what it's like out of my shell?


Anonymous said...


Your pictures are great and are making me very hungry!

Here in Toronto we have a wonderful restaurant in one of our art galleries (Art Gallery of Ontario).

I loved the photo of the fruit!

Mona said...

hmmm...salad or cheeseburger...and you went with salad?!? haaaa :) you're crazy! maybe it was the peer pressure, which is understandable...
in any event..happy valentine's day, hope you're eating more than lettuce tonight for dinndinn:)