Saturday, February 25, 2006

Before the Blog

Fairfix Café

We were sitting around this morning thinking about a food adventure. Fairfix Café in Fairfax, Ca. came to mind. The place has been around for years and we were overdue for a visit. On the drive out to Fairfax I tried to remember how we had discovered Fairfix the first time. My wife reminded me about SFnet. Oh, the years have gone by! Prior to the PC in our house my wife had Unix dumb terminal for use in her work. Using a slow dial up connection she could connect with her office. A side benefit was she could dial up new cool BBS called SFnet designed by Wayne Gregori, who administered the system. You could log on and chat with a bohemian group of “netters”. In addition to home users, Gregori installed net terminals in cafes and coffee houses in the San Francisco area. The machines looked like old Pac Man machines and required quarters to operate. Fairfix had one of the Marin connections. Hanging out, drinking coffee and netting, man that was happening. My wife used the handle Spring Rain and I was Reactionary G.

Out of the time machine and into the now. Fairfax is alive with humanity on this nice Saturday morning. Cars are everywhere, and bike riders fling themselves through traffic like colorful hummingbirds. Fairfix really hasn’t changed much. Once inside there is an eclectic crowd enjoying coffee, food and newspapers in a laid back, ex-hippie atmosphere. The menu has a lot of healthy choices for breakfast and lunch. It offers smoothies, salads, sandwiches, pastries and the like.

I always have the Mediterranean Plate which consists of hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, dolma, kalamata olives, and salad served with pita bread. The wife had the soup of the day listed as “lime bean”. It had lima beans in it, perhaps lime too. It was excellent what ever they called it. A nice place to eat and chill, be sure to check it out.

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Soup of the day

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Mediterranean Plate

Fairfix Café
33 Broadway
Fairfax, Ca.


Anonymous said...
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Guy said...

I believe it's called a Dumb Unix Dumb Terminal. At least that's what I called them. I miss the solid keys those things had. Lasted for years they did, oh yes.
I need a nap.


Mona said...

That looks excellent. I love falafel. And lime bean soup- wow!!
Great pix.

Anonymous said...

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