Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. I have literally driven by this place several hundred times and never checked it out. Oh there's the Mulberry Street Pizzeria that won the Food Network pizza battle. I'll go there someday.
I finally made it there yesterday. It is located in low profile business park in the north end of San Rafael. The name pizzeria conjures up beer posters and picnic tables in my mind. This is not that kind of place. This is an attractive restaurant with light wood tables and a bright interior. Unlike Emeril or Flay's restaurants, Chef Ted Rowe is on site. He works the room greeting guests and such. The place was really slammed, but the smile rarely left the chef's face. You get the feeling he likes what he does.
The winning pizza, a mushroom with white sauce combo, is on the menu. I, however, ordered the 10 inch pepperoni. I know that's pedestrian, but it's what I like. Oh boy, did I like it! No hide and seek toppings here. Pepperoni covers every inch of cheesy goodness. The crust is crisp and the sauce right on. The leftovers cold out of the box later that day were better than most pizzas hot.
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mucho pepperoni
My wife decided to check out the vegetarian black bean soup. I tasted it and it was good. It would have been better with some added pork product. Then it wouldn't have been veggie eh? A well executed small Caesar salad arrived on a chilled plate. Extra points points for the chilling.
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just chilling
A most pleasant experience.


Anonymous said...

omg-you should have tried the Mushroom Lover's Pizza-it is by far the best pizza I have ever tried!!!

Guy said...

Dang, I ain't been neither.
I would have ordered the pepperoni too, cain't resist.
Send one over, would you?


Mona said...

That looks sooooooooooooo good. Oh my god, I want some of that very pizza right now!!
Thanks for ruining my appetite for my bagged brown(lame) lunch :)

Jeenie said...

I actually had the mushroom pizza before it was on food challenge and remember thinking how amazing it was. I haven't been back in years...though I do enjoy taunting our Chicago reps with the fact that California had the best pizza in the pizza challenge!

Jennifer said...

Great picture, Greg! Makes me hungry...

Greg said...

Thanks all. Let's have a bloggers pizza party!