Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Road to Reno

A couple times a year we make the trek over the hill to Reno. Of course we make a donation to the slot machines. How can you resist the flashing lights and ringing bells? Just so you know we’re not big gamblers, I’ll advise you I have a number of family members who live in town. A family visit with an excuse to gamble and eat lots of food, that’s all good!

We start the trip early and are ready for breakfast about two hours into the drive. There is a little market in Auburn called Ikeda’s. A stop to pick up coffee and some really good fresh muffins. I like the blueberry and wife likes oatbran, quess what kind we got.
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Ikeda’s offers all kinds of goodies in addition to muffins. They have fresh produce, dried fruit, nuts, olives, sauces, pies, smoked salmon, and just about everything food. There is also a snack bar we couldn’t try because it was closed on Monday.
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dried goodies
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Fall in September?
Here I found what I believe to be the ideal answer to hiding chocolate from the kids. They are Chocolate Rocks. Put them in a pretty little bowl and pretend they are a decoration. Hidden in plain sight. Chocolate Rocks rock! Onward to Reno.
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chocolate rocks


cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha. Ikeda's.
Two questions:
How do you pronounce it? (I have my own way, and I've heard others.)
Do you get the hamburger?
OK, three:
Don't you stop by there on the way to skiing?

Greg said...

Ikeda's website says it's pronounced EE + Kay + duhs but I say eye key duhs.Hamburger stand was closed:( Not a skier only make cocktails with ice.

Brett said...

I too always stop at Ikeda's, but mainly for the teriyaki burger (and if I'm skiing - a rare occurrence - I pick up a few frozen homemade pot pies). Ooo, I wish I could have one of those yummy burgers now. Like your blog!

cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha: Brett's here! Yes, burger. No, skiing. Well, no longer.
Greg: I say ee-kay-dah's, because I grew up in Hawaii and we think we know how to pronounce Japanese names...!