Saturday, July 30, 2005

Taco Taco

Casa Del Palmar #2

In search of poverty foods, one of my favorite stops is Casa Del Palmar in Novato. A postage stamp sized market and carniceria (butcher shop). There is barely enough room to walk the aisles. If someone tries to pass, it can get intimate real fast. All kinds of south of the border items cheap. On today’s visit we purchased ranchero beef. When I asked the butcher what the English name was he took out his huge knife and used it as a pointer to show me a picture that said flank/skirt steak. I’m glad he wasn’t mad at me cause that knife could do some damage! I digress … the ranchero beef is sliced very thin. I grilled it on the barbecue with salt, pepper and garlic powder till the pink just disappeared. A couple of small corn tortillas (sold by the huge piles at the same location) also warmed on the grill. I find that slicing the meat against the grain makes it more thender. Traditionally the tacos are served with chopped white onion and cilantro but I like a little Salsa Fresca too.
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I figured the tacos cost about fifty cents each for a very generous portion. Add some rice and beans for a complete meal. I’ll just have the taco, carnivore that I am!
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Salsa Fresca

Chopped tomato
Chopped white onion
Lime juice
Salt and pepper
Something hot – I used bottled hot sauce but chopped jalapeno peppers would be good.
Quantities to taste

Casa Del Palmar
1108 Grant Ave.
Novato, Ca. 94945


cookiecrumb said...

How clever! And you had fun. I've often thought about paying a visit to that carniciera (just across the freeway from where we took Bean Sprout for (ahem) small dog agility training (Marin Humane Society, for the rest of you who are wondering).
Go see my blog today for similar tortilla lust.

farmgirl said...

Just linked over here from a comment you left on I'm Mad And I Eat. Yum, yum, yum! Makes me homesick for the wonderful little tacquerias I used to frequent in Sonoma County.